Look bigger than you are – or than your location will allow – with beautifully designed, lifelike virtual sets that match your own brand of programming. With Virtual Set Editor 2.0, you can easily create authentic, professional environments that dramatically raise your production value, coupled with dazzling visual effects that make an impression on your audience.

With customizable sets that support up to four live video sources at the same time – scaled, rotated, even mapped to 3D shapes - and dynamic virtual camera movements in 3D space, Virtual Set Editor opens up a completely new world of possibilities for your show. No longer bound by the limitations of conventional set design, like budget, space, and construction, or the imitation virtual sets of basic layering applications, you can realize your vision with explicit detail. Multiple stages. Lavish set pieces. Curved virtual video walls. Unique sets for every show. Let your imagination run wild, as everything is within reach.

Virtual Set Editor comes with the innovative Animation Store Creator, hosting the powerful TransWarp effects engine. Whisk viewers away to the distinct locations of your virtual studio using customized full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded audio. And add flair to your branded elements with real-time cloth dynamics, warped animated 3D effects and transformations, or motion overlays.

*System requirements may apply

**Select set features and effects may not be fully supported by all TriCaster models

NewTek TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 2 Full