LiveText™ 2 gives you the flexibility to add a dedicated title station to your live production. Build titles and graphics on any laptop or computer and send over the network to any TriCaster™ portable live production system. Make your production pop with network-style scrolls, crawls, title pages and lower thirds. And use the integrated DataLink™ application to display real-time data with instant updates. Scores, times, prices, countdown clocks and more. Add another set of hands. Share the workload. Go team.


LiveText 2 provides these benefits:

Think visually.

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU which supports the SSE2 instruction set (typically an Intel® Core2® or better)

Graphics display card (PCI-E recommended) with Microsoft® DirectX® 9™ (or better) compatibility

Monitor capable of displaying a minimum resolution of 1280x800 pixels

2GB RAM (4GB or more preferred)

Gigabit network recommended for network transmission to TriCaster

LiveText 2 Full includes DataLink 3 Technology